Ben and Lauren – The “Real Life” Gallery part 1 (March/April 2016)


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Below is their first “real-life” page.

Congratulations to Ben and Lauren! I am so happy for these 2 sweethearts, and cannot wait to see what “normal” life has in store for them! Come back regularly to see my updates for them, in photos, videos and interviews!

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    April 28th 2016


    It has been a whole month since my last update! Let’s catch up in a fun way, starting with a little throwbacks gallery:

    Our lovebirds:





    Family love:

    Fun in Denver last weekend at the Denver Coors Field Colorado Rockies Game:

    Bachelorette friend Joshua gave them one of his steel roses:

    On holidays with friends at La Ensenada Beach Resort:

    At the Indiana University Student Foundation Little 500 (16th and 17th of April):

    Ben’s parents joined them:

    They also took part in judging the Indianapolis Colts cheerleader auditions!

    Lauren in LA packing to move in with Ben…

    … and their life in Denver, including first date night drama!

    At the Pepsi Center Denver Nuggets game in early April:

    At the Trail Blazers game at the Moda Center Wednesday, April 6, 2016 with the Bushnells:

    They also spent time in Warsaw:

    Taking cooking classes together as a birthday gift for Ben (2nd of April):

    Dotting on Lauren’s goddaughter:

    Random montages of pics with Fans & Friends:

    ben cousin

    Some more pics (and a fun video) from the fundraiser at BYC:


    Let’s finish by watching a selection of their fun Snapchat videos:





















    March 27th 2016

    New video interviews in Warsaw’s BYC:

    ABC57 News – See the Difference Michiana

    * NEW! A birthday video for Ben, and Lauren of course: “You Are The Best Thing” by Ray LaMontagne.

    It’s been a busy week for Ben, Lauren and their parents in Indiana, from birthday celebration, charity run, fundraising in Bakers Youth Club and a lot more!

    1 2

    Ben getting some love from his favourites ladies:

    OK Birthday celebration for Ben, with Lauren as well as his and her parents, at Noa Noa Wood Grill & Sushi Bar in Warsaw:

    Ben at the 5K compassion race on Good Friday:

    A fun Pizza party with school kids in Harrison:

    In other news, Ben will be marshal for #Little500 on April 15 & 16 & Lauren will be there: check out the details here

    Opening a present from a fan:

    Back to Baker’s Youth Club fundraiser, they spent a few days preparing, spending time with the lovely ladies who organized the event, and Ronnie, the Warsaw “half-court” King”!

    Daytime fun in BYC (a lot of fun fans pics, but will only put a selection):

    Interview with Jen Danczak:

    Evening time auction and dinner at BYC:

    Here’s a random gallery of throwbacks, old and not so…

    March 20th 2016

    Let’s start with a little random montage of some of my favourite pics fro the show, including some behind the scenes:

    Including this beauty thanks to Ben:

    And let’s not forget to give thanks to Lauren for sharing this intimate pic:

    Ben and Lauren have been busy visiting New York, …

    … before taking flights to Indiana via Chicago and Fort Wayne, never hesitating to stop the take pics with fans:

    Here with Ben’s old friend David:

    friend David

    Families bounding:

    On the set of the People photoshoot:

    March 18th 2016

    Today, on … well the “Today” show!

    Also check this recording of their live Q&A.



    On Air with Ryan Seacrest:

    Wednesday date night at Landmarc, with chef Marc Murphy:

    chefmarcmurphy at Landmarc

    Thursday night was a Broadway date, taking in “The Lion King”:


    With Julian Silva aka Young Simba

    KATU news:


    Lauren and Ben in the audience of Colbert from 1:10:

    More fan pics:

    Thanks to @benandlaurenupdates on Instagram for some great pics!

    March 16th 2016

    Photo credit – James Devaney/GC Images

    They will be in Baker’s Youth Club in Warsaw next week!

    First day as a couple away from the media in the streets of NYC:

    More from their People (available in stores Friday!) photoshoot, including a new video:

    Sweetness and fun:

    Finishing up their NYC media round:

    Also check out these interviews with…


    US Magazine

    E! Online

    March 15th 2016


    Engagement day:

    Love and laughter:

    With fans and media:

    Images sources: Public social medias, Media outlet listed or Getty.


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