Bachelorette 2016 – Who is Will?


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    Full name: Will Haduch
    Age: 26
    Height: 6’2 ½”
    Tattoos: Yes, a triple spiral based on a stone carving he saw in Ireland, on his right side/ribs.
    Occupation: Civil Engineer
    Hometown: Jersey City, NJ.
    Education: Bachelor of Science (B.S.), Civil Engineering from The College of New Jersey. Somerville High School.
    Twitter: @WillHaduch
    Instagram: @WillHaduch
    Facebook: Will Haduch
    LinkedIn: Will Haduch

    What I know so far:
    – He lives on a boat.
    – He sings and plays the guitar.
    – My favourite or worst bits from his ABC Bio:

      * What are your three worst attributes? Competitive, argumentative, stubborn. I’m working on these!
      * I love it when my date…: Is able to make fun of herself.
      * I hate it when my date…: Talks about heavy subjects too soon.



May 22nd, 2016


Limo exit, meeting Jojo and kissing during the first cocktail party:




His boat:

Main sources:, Bach/ette Forum, RS, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter.

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