Bachelor In Paradise 3 (2016) – The Guys and Girls after Paradise


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Fun and frolic don’t end just because they are back from Paradise!

Ashley I and Nick V:

Ashley I and Nick

Carly, Ashley I and Nick V:

Carly, Ashley I and Nick

Jubilee and Jared:

Jubilee and Jared

Jubilee, Haley and Nick V:

Jubilee, Haley and Nick

Lace, Nick V, Carly, Ashley I, Daniel and Chad:

Lace, Nick, Ashley I, Carly, Daniel and Chad

Lace and Daniel:

Lace and Daniel

Leah and Jubilee:

Leah and Jubilee

Leah and Lace:

Leah and Lace

Sarah, Jared,Emily and Amanda:

Sarah, Jared, Emily and Amanda

Some of the boys:

Some of the boys

Emily and Amanda:

Amanda and Emily

Amanda and Jubilee:

Amanda and Jubilee


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