Bachelorette 2018 – Who is David?


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    Full name: David Ravitz
    Age: 25 (D.O.B. April 3rd, 1992)
    Occupation: Venture Capitalist
    Hometown: Denver, CO. Originally from Cherry Hill, New Jersey.
    Education: Graduated from the University of Georgia in 2014 with a degree in Marketing
    Twitter: @DavidRavitz
    Instagram: dravitz
    Facebook: David Ravitz

    What I know so far:

    – His sister Remy married Brett 3 years ago. Dad is Steve, mum is Lynny.
    – He comes from a Jewish family.

    ABC BIO:

    David is a successful businessman who enjoys fitness, golfing, skiing and spending time with his family at their beach house. He loves guacamole, but hates avocado. Hopefully, that’s not a deal breaker for the Bachelorette!




Night 1 – Meeting Becca

Sneak peek on a group date during the season!

Random pics:

With mum Lynny and sister Remy:

More family pics:

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Main sources:, RS, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter.

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