Bachelorette 2018 – Who is Lincoln?


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    Full name: Lincoln Adim
    Age: 26 (D.O.B. March 7th, 1992)
    From: Nigeria. Lives in Los Angeles, CA.
    Occupation: Account Sales Executive
    Education: Biology at the University of Kentucky
    Twitter: @lincoln_likeAbe
    Instagram: @linkin_
    LinkedIn: Lincoln Adim

    ABC BIO:

    Originally from Nigeria, Lincoln moved to Boston when he was a teenager and later attended college in Kentucky. He always dreamed of living in California and recently saw that dream come true when work brought him to Santa Monica. Lincoln would love to have a big family to make his mom proud. Fun fact, Lincoln was named after Abraham Lincoln.




Night 1 – meeting Becca (Again!)

Meeting Becca during the AFTR show:

Random pics:

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Main sources:, RS, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter.

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