Emily Maynard

Here are all your links to the posts, pics and videos from Emily’s season (Bachelorette season 8):


  • The Contestants:
  • Access pictures and info on Arie, Sean and the other 23 guys who fought for Emily’s love by clicking on the picture below:

  • Emily and Ricki gallery
  • People Water
  • Jef Holm gallery


    Videos from the Season:

    * NEW – For Arie – “You Sexy Thing”
    * Emily’s Tearly Departed – “I’ll Be Alright Without You”
    * Team DONT – “Favourite Shirt – Ode to Arie, Jef and Michael”
    * My Top 3 after Prague – The Love Stories So Far (2)
    * My Top 3 before Prague – The Love Stories So Far
    * The Bachelorette Recap – Ryan’s Best (Worst) Bits


    Videos for Jef, Emily and their new little family

    * Thankful to Emily and Jef for sharing their love story with us… This one is a little tongue in cheek! “Thankful”
    * Showing my support and love for Jef and Emily: “Ours”
    * Jef and Emily: “Wild Thing”
    * Jef, Em and Ricki: “Sunshine”
    * PeopleWater: “Union”
    * Jef and Emily – “Paint My Love”
    * For Emily and Birthday Girl Ricki – “My Girl”
    * For Jef and Emily – “Love Letter Video”

    Videos for Emily:

    * Emily’s got brain, heart and balls 🙂 It’s my life
    * Emily’s got beauty and style: FASHIONABLE SHE

    Season recaps:

    * Episode 08 – HometownsDriving, Dancing and… Cocking?

    * June 27thThe Bachelorette Emily – My Top 3 after Prague – The Love Stories So Far (Video)

    * June 24thThe Bachelorette Emily – My Top 3 – Ep06: The Love Stories So Far(Video)

    * June 20thRyan’s Best (Worst) Bits

    * Episode 04Silence is Golden (or it should be Ryan!)

    * Episode 03All dancing, singing and kissing!

    * Episode 02Animated Recap

    * Episode 01 – Part 1 – Top 5 frontrunners

    * Episode 01 – Part 2 – First night’s weirdness

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