BachelorNation Videos


    NEW – Bachelor Nation couples: “Love Today”
    NEW – Thank you for (and by) Emily and Jef: “Thankful”
    – Jef and Emily: “Ours”
    – Jef and Emily: “Wild Thing”
    – Jef, Em and Ricki: “Sunshine”
    – PeopleWater: “Union”
    – Jef and Emily – “Paint My Love”
    – For Arie – “You Sexy Thing”
    Bachelorette Bromance – “Favourite Shirt” – Ode to Arie, Jef and Michael

    For Jef and Emily – “Love Letter Video”
    Emily’s Tearly Departed – “I’ll Be Alright Without You”
    Emily Maynard and the guys – “IT’S MY LIFE”
    Emily Maynard in “SHE” – a fashionable video
    Introducing Emily Maynard – America’s Sweetheart


    * Ben and Courtney

      New Ben and Courtney video – “You’re still the one”
      Ben and Courtney – FOREVER Video (Ben Harper)
      Ben and Courtney – OURS (Taylor Swift)
      Ben Fljnik starts his Journey – Rascal Flatts / Tesla
      Ben F “Haven’t met you yet”
      Introducing Ben F


    * JP and Ashley:

      JP and Ashley – All The Man That I Need (Whitney Houston)
      JP & Ashley – HAZY
      Ashley and JP – ‘Kissing YOU’
      JordAsh’s Cinema Paradiso – Kisses and Smiles
      Ashley and JP on Pukhet beach – ‘That’ Kiss 

      JP in “No One”

      Ashley as Pretty Woman

      JP’s intro

      Ashley’s season – Funnies


    * Blake and Holly:

      L-O-V-E for Blake and Holly
      Holly and Blake’s proposal – Everything
      Blake and Holly ‘A moment like this’ – The story so far


    * BachelorNation favourites

      “I’m In You”– Happy 10 years Anniversary BachelorNation
      Chris Harrison and the RoseA Bachelor Love Story
      BachelorNation ChristmasAll I want for Christmas – Michael Bublé
      Jeff The Mask 

      Ames – Romantic Hero

      BachelorNation Couples – Someone Like You

      BachelorNation couples – It’s in his Kiss

      Tenley and Kiptyn – ‘Just the 2 of us’
      Graham and Michelle – Waiting all my life


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    1. Carol says:

      Looking forward Sean’s season as the Bachelor!

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