Lauren B and Ben H

Ben and Lauren – All YOUR PAGES!

Here are all your links for our fabulous latest couple!


Lauren and Ben (fan) Videos

* NEW! A Sam Hunt video for Lauren, and the love Ben shows her: “I Met A Girl”.
* A birthday video for Ben, and Lauren of course: “You Are The Best Thing” by Ray LaMontagne.
* My first video for Ben and Lauren, thanks to the lovely Lucy Angel: “Run with me”!

The Galleries:

* NEW!Ben & Lauren – The “Real Life” part 2 (from May 2016).
* Ben and Lauren’s “Real Life” part 1.

* Lauren’s original Gallery
* Ben’s Bachelor gallery
* The Contestants from Ben’s season and all their Social media info!

Ben (pre-engagement) Videos

* NEW! Amos Lee’s “Give it up” video is here!
* First “post-premiere” video “Gotta Be” video is ready!
* The New Year “My Wish” video is ready!
* Your first pre-season video “Feels like today” is here!

Media Pages

* Media and Interviews
* The Video previews
* Episode blogs by Ben and Chris Harrison

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