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Thank you for taking a look at my blog. This section is dedicated to Ashley and JP. Below you will find a link to my Videos, the “Real Life” post that includes all the photos since the show ended, as well as all the recaps I have done on each of the shows episode. Do not hesitate to Subscribe to the site, follow me on Twitter, or even comment. Enjoy!

  • Ashley and JP’s Wedding – Gallery
    LATEST JP and Ashley Videos

  • - Ashley and JP’s Wedding – “Love of My Life”
  • - Ashley and JP’s Wedding – Love Today”

  • - All The Man That I Need – Whitney Houston

  • FAN FAVOURITE – JP & Ashley Video - All ‘Hazy’ by Rosi Golan feat. W Fitzsimmons

  • MY FAVOURITE – JP & Ashley Video - ‘Kissing You’

  • More ‘Bachelor Nation’ VIDEOS

  • GALLERY – JordAsh – Real life Photo Gallery – updated daily

  • Ashley and JP part 8 – After The Final Rose
  • JordAsh part 7 – The Final Rose aka ‘Leaps Of Faith
  • JordAsh part 6 – The Men Tell All!
  • JordAsh part 5 – Ep 9 OND
  • JordAsh part 4 – Ep 8 HTD
  • JordAsh part 3 – Ep 6&7
  • JordAsh part 2 – Episodes 4 & 5!
  • JordAsh part 1 – Episodes 1 to 3!
    You can download the whole series right now:

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    1. Elizabethmfleur says:

      Sophie, I love all of your hard work and dedication. Most importantly, since I still need to speak french to retain it, I like it when you speak it on twitter. JP and Ashley are pretty darn cute together – that’s for sure. P.S. I’ve bought some books in la francais to read to my 3 year old, Emma Camille, so hopefully she will learn the language, too. Tres bien et c’est la belle vie!

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